Never judge a book by its cover: Dino may look like a bit of a dodgy geezer, but he's actually a highly talented, qualified and experienced barber.


He also likes a good chin-wag about typically blokish things such as video games, football and getting nagged by The MIssus.


Come to think about it, he'll chat about almost anything. It's the Italian blood. Look: he's even got is mouth open in the photo.



Thankfully a good bit quieter than Dino, Dan is the scissors-wielding wingman of the operation.


He's a friendly fellow with all the skill and dedication required. If you have a hangover, or just want a quality cut without too much yapping, he's the man to go to.


And despite his youth, he's no "special snowflake" millenial: he once single-handedly took out a polar bear with a swift and devastating strike to the solar plexus.



Compensating for the complete lack of glamour in the rest of the team, Gaby is a hardworking and talented professional with a great knowledge of the latest men's styles.


As a dedicated barber, she's "one of the lads", so you won't have to worry too much about minding your language. Just watch out for that cut-throat razor!